Madas Gas Regulator | FRG/2MC - RG/2MC (P1 max ≤ 2 Bar)

Gas Pressure Regulators (P1 max ≤ 2 bar)


P. Max: P1: 1-2 bar
Size: DN 15-20-25-32-40-50-65-80-100

Device which supplies a preset and constant “downstream” pressure value (within the intended operating limits) when the inlet pressure and/or the flow rate changes. The compensated obturator ensures precision when adjusting the outlet pressure even in the case of high and sudden variations in the inlet pressure.

It is fitted with:
  • A spring to adjust the outlet pressure.
  • A safety membrane.
  • Output pressure test nipple (with some exceptions) to control the outlet pressure. On some models the pressure test nipple is also present on the input.

It can also be supplied with a built-in filtering element (FRG/2MC models).
Available 90° connections for threaded connections from DN 15 to DN 50.
Component designed for industrial use in industrial sites.

Madas Gas Regulator | FRG/2MC - RG/2MC (P1 max ≤ 2 Bar)